Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Willing to Accept the Cost

From everything in life, there is a price tag that you have to pay, some will pay what is needed and others are not willing to accept the cost. Greatness and excellence were required at all times, and from a younger, naive standpoint left little margin for failure. The fear of failure was an ever-present, nagging, voice rooted deeply in my consciousness every day, often pushing me to write the best unemployed professors review ever; in which can be viewed as a positive, for it developed my work ethic and sense of pride and character, But on the days when failure was inevitable I would be crushed by the dark looming sense of disappointment and the fallacies that I would never be able to achieve the goals set out for myself.

Frequently my fear of failure would follow me into the activities which I cherish and have a strong passion for, which is running cross-country. Coming into high school, I was the number one freshman girl, and throughout my earlier racing days, I relied on a small amount of ability and a half-decent work ethic that allowed me to be a top performer at a young age. but there came a time for the real work to commence on my first official high school practice. Throughout the beginning of the summer, I was the best for my age and my passion and deep longing for success was growing stronger. An intense camp consisting of camping the deserts and mountains in west Texas, while simultaneously developing each person’s ability to improve as a runner. contrarily from my newly accumulated success lead straight into my failure.... [Read more]