Unlimited Storage - Get unlimited storage for your emails.

Mobile Service - Access your emails on your mobile phone or tablet.

Direct Customer Support - Benefit from free and direct customer support.

Mail Collector - Collect emails from up to five different accounts into one to simplify your life.

Open all urls in browser - Capability for automatically detecting new urls in the emails message and opening it in web browser on our server.

Antivirus - You are safe! We care about your virus protection.
Spam Filter - Get rid of spam in your mailbox.
Webmail - Read and write your emails on any computer.
Send big attachments up to 50 MB.
Welcome to Gairmail.
Gairmail is a new generation of paid e-mailbox web service which is capable to detect new web links in the incoming emails messages and opening it in web browser on our server. With Gairmail there is no need to confirm your email address ever again. Be unique and choose from over 20 domains tailored to your needs. Register your account today.



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